Shop With Purpose

Your purchase today can benefit your Lifespan affiliate organization.

Personalize Your Work Wear

Embroider your outerwear with your Lifespan affiliate logo, name and credentials.
Welcome, Lifespan Team Member, to Shop Lifespan powered by Alexander’s Uniforms!

In addition to on-site and in-store sales, Lifespan employees can shop online to order branded uniforms, apparel, gear, and more. Built specifically for Lifespan employees, this site allows you to customize apparel with approved logos, styles, and colors. Proudly represent where you work by customizingyour gear with any Lifespan logo. Shopping for Lifespan affiliate brandedapparel has never been easier!

Best of all, you’ll be shopping with purpose through the give back program!

When you shop on the site you are making a positive impact on your organization. Alexander’s Uniforms has committed to donate 22% of the proceeds from every order! The proceeds will be donated based on the logo used to customize your order. You’ll not only look good but feel good with every purchase! For more information, visit the FAQs.

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